Screenshot showing embed buttons at The Creative Finder

The Creative Finder is a network for creative professionals, such as photographers, illustrators, and designers. We caught up with the Singapore-based company last week at SXSW in Austin, where it was launching its newest product, Imgembed.

Imgembed is a simple tool for uploading images and tracking their use. People who want to use the image (for instance, on a blog) can do so easily just by clicking the little “embed” button, as seen in the screenshot above. That gives you a code to put on your own blog or website. The photographer’s name will automatically be included with the image, so bloggers don’t have to hassle with typing that data in separately (and image owners can be sure that others won’t use their images without attribution).

If someone wants to use an image without the embedded attribution, they can pay the creator a small amount. The amount you pay depends on how many people actually view the image; The Creative Finder takes 30 percent, and the rest goes to the creator.

“Many people just use an image without putting the name of the photographer under it. So with Imgembed, we make it so easy to use, and it’s totally for free, that people … no longer have any need to steal images from Google Images or anywhere on the Internet,” says founder Alex Goh.

Watch the full video interview with Goh here.