doctor tablet

Qpid believes it can make electronic health records “something clinicians love” and not something they try to avoid. The company received $3 million in funding today to come to doctors’ aid.

The Qpid says that this is an “early finance round” provided by Matrix Partners, Partners Innovation Fund, Cardinal Partners, and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization.

The company’s technology looks as electronic health records and analyzes them. It then reorganizes this information into a format that humans can easily read and understand on one online dashboard. Qpid says that the data becomes “actionable” and helps increase productivity for healthcare practioners in 15 different departments across the hospitals in its network. Currently, Qpid has 5,000 healther professionals already signed up.

Cardinal Partners managing general partner Brandon Hull says they believe that the service will eventually help improve patient safety given that Qpid makes it easier for doctors to get quick information on a patient

The company is headquartered in Boston and launched in February 2013.

Doctor image via Shutterstock