Game the News

In January, GamesBeat reported that Apple blocked a game called Endgame: Syria from its iOS App Store. That strategy title explores the nation’s civil war and aims to inform gamers about the many possible outcomes of the conflict. Apple refused the game based on the sensitive nature of the content.

Today, developer Tomas Rawlings, who produced the game as part of his Game The News series, revealed that the title is finally available on the App Store under a new name. Rawlings changed the game to Endgame: Eurasia and wiped all other references to Syria and its war.

We reached out to Rawlings to see how he feels about ripping out the overt political statement of his game.

“[I’m] very disappointed,” Rawlings told GamesBeat. “It’s a long, drawn-out process that costs time and money to go though, [Apple’s process] is a major hindrance to our art as game creators.”

Meanwhile, Android and PC users can still get the original version of Endgame: Syria.

Apple hasn’t lightened up on its stance against games that tackle important subjects. Earlier today, the technology giant removed a game called Sweatshop HD from the App Store.

“I heard about Sweatshop, [that’s] a real shame,” said Rawlings. “It’s a good game that makes a really important point, and it should be available to gamers to judge for themselves.”