Heyzap ads monetization

The best kind of in-game ad is one where the developers get paid and the user gets something worthwhile out of it. That’s what monetization company Heyzap is proposing with its updated software-development kit available now for developers.

Heyzap is implementing in-game ads that suggest new games to users based on those they already play. Gamers may find something new that they like, and developers will get a payment from Heyzap at the end of the month based on those acquisitions.

“The main filter is what you’ve been playing as a user,” Heyzap cofounder Jude Gomila told GamesBeat. “If you’ve been playing certain games, you’re way more likely to play certain other games. It’s just like with Netflix. When you watch certain films, it tries to recommend other films.”

The company is already working with some of the biggest developers in mobile. Zynga, TinyCo, Kabam, and more already use Heyzap for user acquisition.

“The uptake has been phenomenal – we have hit 350 games [using Heyzap ads] in 3.5 months.” Heyzap cofounder Immad Akhund said in a statement.

Like most third-party SDKs, developers can implement this solution in a matter of minutes. It’s available for download now on Heyzap’s developer portal.