BlackBerry Z10 2

The BlackBerry Z10 may be a boring beta meant for no one, but at least it’s super repairable.

So say the teardown experts at iFixit, who are giving the new BlackBerry phone a glowing repairability rating. Unlike many phones these days, the Z10 won’t require you to use a special tool to replace its battery, which alone is something to applaud.

“It’s a relief to see a smartphone in this day and age with a removable battery,” iFixit said.


Above: Glorious.

The Z10 is also conducive to more involved repair jobs. iFixit found that it was pretty easy to remove the Z10’s motherboard and display, which were both held in place with very little adhesive. iFixit says it found this development to be particularly wonderful.

Like a lot of phones today, though, the Z10’s display is fused to its glass, which complicates the repair process if either breaks. That stinks, but considering how repairable the device is elsewhere, we can only complain so much.

For iFixit, the takeaway here is pretty clear: “The BlackBerry Z10 is proof that smartphones can be thin, easily-repairable, and have replaceable batteries,” they say.

That’s significant because it flies in the face of the prevailing wisdom that thin smartphones are simply incompatible with easy repair. Even if the Z10 doesn’t sell well, we can at least hope other smartphone makers take BlackBerry’s lead on this one.