Sherpa is an iPhone app that promises to simplify your day — and it’s raised a $1.1 million round of seeding funding to help make that happen.

The app uses location-based technology to make your commute, routine, and life easier and is designed to work collaboratively with your smartphone’s calendar and email, automatically pushing information when you need it. Once installed, Sherpa can let you know when to leave for your next meeting, alert you to traffic jams on your daily commute, and automatically pull up your flight information when you arrive at the airport.

“Sherpa may be one of the first apps whose goal is to be useful without you ever having to open it,” founder Bill Ferrell wrote on the company’s blog.

The Sherpa team (six entrepreneurs with backgrounds at Google, UC Berkeley, and MIT) said the company’s seed backing came from investors Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, InterWest Partners, Merus Capital, Innovation Endeavors, and AngelPad.

The predictive intelligence of the application uses “smart geolocation” — adapting to your needs based on where you are. It focuses on where you’re going, not where you’ve been. The application is constantly checking weather forecasts, traffic data, and calendar information to give users timely updates, and it minimizes application switching to produce a streamlined schedule.

Sherpa is working with partners to build new experiences using location-based technology. Two potential capabilities include lights automatically turning on when you arrive home, or your regular morning coffee prepared before you even enter the coffee shop.

Sherpa is encouraging users to provide feedback and ideas to expand the application’s functionality. The app is open to invite-only users, but it will be available soon for free on the Apple App Store.

Image credit: Zzvet/Shutterstock