Zynga Nivanix

Zynga is losing another top-level executive.

Debra Chrapaty, the social-gaming developer’s chief information officer, will resign her position next month to take the post of chief executive officer at cloud-storage company Nirvanix, according to Gigaom.

At Zynga, Chrapaty oversaw the publisher’s data. She guided the company’s transition from Amazon Web Services to a solution proprietary to Zynga. Prior to Zynga, she led Microsoft’s data-center expansion and drive to maintain energy efficiency.

She’ll take that experience with her to Nirvanx, which operates cloud services for public, private, and hybrid uses. That company raised nearly $70 million through various funding rounds to improve its enterprise cloud services.

Zynga Mobile chief technology officer Dorion Carroll will replace Chrapaty as CIO, according to the following statement from the company:

We thank Debra for her leadership and contributions to Zynga over the past years and wish her luck in her future endeavors. Today, I am proud to announce that Dorion Carroll is moving into the role of chief information officer effective immediately. Dorion is a 25-year engineering veteran with deep experience developing products and services as well as scaling teams from start-up phase to large companies. As one of our Zynga Fellows, Dorion has provided direction, leadership and management across numerous technology and products teams at Zynga over the past 3 years as well as being one of our most senior technology leaders. Our global network of players relies on the exceptional talent of our technology teams and the services they provide. We look forward to Dorion’s leadership to bring even more prioritization and focus to these teams.

This is the first major loss for Zynga in 2013, but 2012 saw numerous big-name executives leave the company. In August, Zynga’s chief operational officer executive John Schappert resigned. Chief marketing officer Jeff Karp, chief creative officer Mike Verdu, chief security officer Nils Puhlmann, chief technical officer of infrastructure Allan Leinwand, OMGPOP chief revenue officer Wilson Griefel,Words With Friends co-creators David and Paul Bettner, and Zynga chief financial officer David Wehner. And just last week, Zynga’s chief game designer, Brian Reynolds, also left the company last year.