Best Apps Market games

Discoverability is a key factor in getting to the top of the iOS or Android app markets. Most titles are buried under dozens of other products with no hope of ever breaking out. One developer wants to change the way people look for apps and improve their chances of reaching a mass audience in the process.

Fetch is a new tool now available on Google Play that provides a way for smartphone owners to search for games based on the components that make up the product and not based on keywords and user ratings. Born out of the Game Genome Project from developer Best Apps Market, Fetch breaks down games based on over 250 characteristics. App-seekers can hone in on games based on those traits.

Fetch believes it can help smaller developers find their niche. For example, a Fetch search for 2D fantasy strategy games will return major successes like Blood Brothers, which has over 5 million installs, and Pixel Kingdom, which only has 10,000. Pixel Kingdom doesn’t appear in the first few pages of a Google Play search for “fantasy strategy.”

Best Apps Market is also working on an iOS version of Fetch that it hopes to release soon.