The ride-sharing space is already brimming with hot startups, including Getaround, Lyft and Uber. But today it has a new contender: Flightcar.

After months of rigorous testing, the startup launched today at the demo day for Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s elite demo day.

In a presentation to investors, the founders said they have figured out a way for San Francisco residents to avoid paying airport parking.

Imagine that your car is sitting idle in an airport parking lot. With each day, you accrue additional parking costs. Instead, how about renting your car out to incoming travelers?

Here’s how Flightcar’s solution works. Drop your car off at the company’s lot in Burlingame Calif., a short drive from the airport. Flightcar will provide a black car to drop you off at your terminal. Your car will be listed on the website, and you’ll receive an email if it’s rented by an approved traveler.

Either way, you’re guaranteed free parking. And if it is rented, expect to receive $10 per day in gas credits.

When you return from your trip, Flightcar will send a black car to pick you up from your terminal, and drop you off at your car.

To learn more, check out the explanatory video.

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