Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.33.52 AMMOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. —┬áDivorce may not be a pleasant topic, but it is an important one. Wevorce seeks to turn divorces amicable, by making it cheaper, more friendly, and better for the kids.

Today at Y Combinator’s Demo Day, founder Michelle Crosby told the story of going through her parents painful divorce as a nine year old. The silver lining? That she grew up to smooth this process for families to come.

Crosby has a background in family law. Nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce and studies have shown that divorce can be a traumatizing event for children and cause lasting psychological damage. Despite this, little has been done to improve the experience for everyone involved.

Rather than starting with competing lawyers, Wevorce puts one lawyer at the center of the parents to begin negotiating and planning. Each step of the process also involves a software component to help iron out the various agreements and settlements and track all of the paperwork. Wevorce claims its software helps attorneys complete paperwork in 60% of the time it normally takes and saves clients money on fees.

Wevorce also provides information on the psychological effects of divorce to create empathy on both sides and help people cope with the challenges. It integrates counseling and communication in a more holistic approach to what is traditionally a heavily legal-centric process.

The Internet is here to help with the good parts of relationships. There are dozens of web companies to help you find a partner, and just as many to help you plan your wedding and baby showers. When a relationship is no longer working, however, the Internet is a fair weather friend with little aid to offer. This is where Wevorce comes in. Divorce is unpleasant enough as it is, so why not make it easier?