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The personal assistant application announced today they are making it easier for brands and publishers to connect to users with their new Embeddable Notebooks.

Embeddable Notebooks are an extension of the popular Pinterest-style digital notebooks: collections of projects, photos, and ideas that help users organize information and get things done.

The Embeddable Notebooks can be implemented on websites, blogs, and Facebook Pages. Similar to YouTube videos, Springpad Notebooks can be branded, shared, followed, and re-embedded. Springpad users can save Embedded Notebooks to their personal accounts.

More than 15 brands and publishers including Glamour, Trip Advisor, Del Monte, Snooth, Breville, Wayfair, and Curve Magazine launched embedded Notebooks today; and the new product is poised to offer a strong, direct line of communication to brands’ customers.

With one click, consumers can follow the Notebook on their web and mobile devices and receive alerts anytime the Notebook is updated with new content, useful information, and relevant offers. Users can share Notebooks on their own website or personal blog, generating a wider potential audience.

Also launching today is Springpad 4.0, a major redesign across web, iOS, and Android services that includes intent-based search. The new design features top navigation to access recent saves, Notebooks, and searches, which can be narrowed down to users’ collections, users, and collaborators, or users and those they are following.

Springpad Actions, the intent-based search, is based on personal interests, context and intent. Because everything saved in the application is dynamic, results are continually updated to better serve users when they are ready to act.

Since 2008, Springpad has been making information and project management easier with their personal assistant application, and has grown to over four million users.