video phone

Vantrix believes that video is bound to be the most popular way to consume content on your mobile phone. It announced a $4.5 million loan of funding from NXT Capital today, aimed at helping it prepare your carriers for the increased network traffic.

Vantrix helps carriers, Internet service providers, and large enterprises control the video traffic that comes through their networks. The software attempts to make the video as efficient as possible, so it doesn’t clog up the system, and deliver better quality video to the end user.

It also works with multimedia messaging to make sure that any videos, images, or other multimedia content is sent and received in a way that is optimal for both phones. For example, one of the phones might not support the file size of the video, so Vantrix would make sure the video meets the requirements of that phone to be delivered.

The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Montreal. Previous investors include Summerhill Venture Partners, Tudor Growth Equity, BDC Capital and JK&B Capital.

Phone video image via Shutterstock