Greentech startup Reel Solar has just alerted the SEC it’s raising a $4 million round of funding. The company doesn’t have a functional website and hasn’t announced any products, but we’re going way out on a limb and wildly guessing it has something to do with solar energy.

The full Form D is included below. Briefly, it states that the still-stealthy company is taking a round $4 million from green tech VC firm Nth Power, Vancouver-based Pangaea Ventures (an investor in a previous round), and Mayfield Fund, a Silicon Valley powerhouse.

Reel Solar is based in San Jose, Calif., and was founded in 2009. Its execs include founder Dori Gal (pictured), who previously worked at (and recruited other Reel Solar team members from) chipmaker KLA Tencor; Edward Grady, and Kurt Weiner. Former PG&E chef Peter Darbee is also a director, the filing states.

Read the full Form D below: