Extra Hearts: Nathan Drake

Welcome to another edition of our dating site for our favorite gaming characters, Extra Hearts. This time we’re unearthing the profile of Nathan Drake, the witty hero of Sony’s Uncharted franchise. Will the famed treasure hunter find love, or will his prospects for romance come crumbling down around him?

Extra Hearts: Nathan Drake profile

Likes: Rock climbing, traveling, history, and hiding behind cover.

Dislikes: The three C’s: clowns, cannibals, and commitment.

Our first date: I’d take you to a breathtaking lost city, and then we’d escape together as it comes crashing down around us minutes after we enter.

My best feature: My incredible fashion sense. I know exactly which occasions to use the half-tuck for while reserving the three-quarters-tuck for more formal affairs.

Most interesting thing about me: I’m a descendant of the famous Sir Francis Drake. Skeptical, eh? Well, I can prove it with a ring I stole — I mean, inherited.

You should message me if: You don’t mind a few cuts and bruises … or third-degree burns … or gunshot wounds.


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