deep db

“Big data” startup Deep Information Sciences has raised $10 million in its first round of funding to help its customers with a “new approach” to database architectures.

Deep was previously known as CloudTree, but the company took on the Deep name and a new focus on big data today. Its flagship product is a database appropriately called DeepDB, and it provides simultaneous transactions and analytics in the same data set in real time. Companies can access DeepDB from on-premise or via the cloud, depending on company needs. The big three things it aims to solve are “minimizing disk space, maximizing cache effectiveness, and optimizing CPU and core concurrency.”

“We are bringing to the market an innovative way to manage big data in real time,” Deep cofounder and CEO Kurt Dobbins said in a statement. “Our powerful technology, combined with our leadership bench strength, positions us for a fast path to market leadership in big data. We look forward to the opportunity to help our customers overcome the challenges of big data and seize competitive advantages through a next-generation approach to data management.”

The new funding was provided by Robert Davoli, Stage1 Ventures, Cabletron cofounder Robert Levine, Chamberlain & Steward, Alessandro Piol, and other angel investors.

“They are addressing the fundamental issues around performance and scale that have challenged databases for decades, and they’re coming at them from a unique perspective,” Davoli said in a statement.

Deep is based in Portsmouth, N.H., and was founded under the CloudTree name in 2010 and it claims to have spent “thousands of hours” developing DeepDB.

Top photo via Deep Information Sciences