shutterstock_126070334The fashion world may be at the forefront of what is trendy and chic, but it is not at the forefront of technology.

Attune is a provider of technology solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry. Today, the company announced a $20 million round of investment to expand its offerings “across all areas of the fashion and lifestyle value chain” to help brands to streamline and manage their operations and optimize their performance.

VajiraDeSilva“At a high level, our services and solutions enable the fashion and lifestyle supply chain to operate much more efficiently,” said CEO Vajira De Silva in an email. “This is a massive industry where competitive advantage is determined by the ability to deliver high-quality products that people want, at a price they want to pay, while turning a good profit. And, since fashion trends constantly shift, achieving these basic goals is far more difficult than it is in other less dynamic industries. We make it possible for organizations across the fashion and lifestyle supply chain (designers, material suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, etc.) to work much more efficiently with each other so they can drive out waste and improve overall responsiveness to market opportunities.”

Customers include Lacoste, Hanes, K Swiss, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, G-Star, Levis, and other well-known, international brands. De Silva said that there is an enormous need for greater supply chain and industry-specific IT solutions. Attune specializes in the fashion and lifestyle industry and has offerings for brands, manufacturers, textile manufactures and retail that help them implement SAP to run their businesses.

De Silva founded Attune in 2006 after serving as the CEO of Rapier Consulting where worked extensively with MAS Holdings, a large clothing manufacturer in South Asia, to implement SAP. He founded Attune to bring this expertise to other brands, and the company is now active on five continents with 200 employees. MAS Holdings invested the entirety of this round, and along with the deal, Attune will merge with Sabre Technologies, a software services provider.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Attune