Just because Second Life and PlayStation Home haven’t made headlines recently doesn’t mean the 3D Internet is dead. In fact, developer Utherverse Digital is launching a new take on the concept today.

Utherverse today unveiled its WebWorlds.com platform that the studio claims brings the practicalities of the traditional “flat web” into a fully interactive 3D game space. The company will focus on maintaining a virtual world that is appropriate for anyone ages 13 and older.

“This is a significant step forward for the 3D Internet world,” Utherverse chief executive officer Brian Shuster said in a statement.  “It opens up the incredible opportunities of the 3D Web to both the academic and business worlds — sectors that were previously reluctant because of the 18+ age restriction of the original Virtual World Web.”

Released in 2009, Virtual World Web is Utherverse’s previous 3D Internet product. It missed out on that teen audience due to its adult-only age gate. With WebWorlds, the developer can present a visual take on business websites, but it can also provide 3D educational spaces for young people.

Utherverse’s patented technology enables WebWorlds to host millions of 3D avatars in a single online space. Previous 3D games had limits of a few dozen players for any given online space.

“WebWorlds is going to be of primary interest to organizations and commercial enterprises seeking an easy way to gather groups of their members into online gatherings,” Shuster told GamesBeat. “Interest is strong among universities looking to augment their online learning with interactive classrooms; religious organizations looking to provide worshiping service options for home-bound church members; and home-owners, developers and interior designers who are looking for solutions to present sales and design services in an accessible online replica of a home or office space.”

You can imagine a realtor posting a 3D model of a home online so that potential buyers can get a better idea of its layout than simple 2D pictures could offer.

WebWorlds is live now.