BioShock Infinite

If you haven’t finished BioShock Infinite, quickly put your fingers in your ears and hum very loudly. Major spoilers ahead.

Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Sharp-eared gamers found a scene in the first BioShock game where you hear Songbird’s distinctive wail. Specifically, you hear Songbird’s watery death just outside the walls of Rapture. It occurs about 14 seconds into this clip:

It takes place during your first mission for death-as-art whacko Sander Cohen when he assassinates masked pianist Fitzpatrick. The first example we found came from IGN last August, but you can also hear Songbird’s death rattle in other YouTube videos of the same scene going as far back as a year ago. I’ve checked videos uploaded three years ago but couldn’t isolate the same audio. But yes, the audio appears to be exactly the same as what you hear when the monstrous creature meets its sad end.

It’s unclear whether these scenes were captured from the original retail release of BioShock or the downloadable version, which developer Irrational Games could have updated with the audio clip. We’ve reached out to Irrational Games for confirmation.