Facebook Home

They said a Facebook phone would never happen, but this is close enough! The company released Facebook Home today, an Android “skin” that puts Facebook at the forefront of your smartphone’s operating system.

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home today in Menlo Park, Calif. It will launch on April 12 and brings your Facebook notifications, messages, Instagram uploads, and more to the home screen of your phone.

It also created Chat Heads, a notifications system that adds a small photo of your friend to your screen when they message you. You can view, respond, and throw away any messages you receive without leaving the app you’re in.

Alongside the Facebook Home skin, Android phone makerĀ HTC introduced the HTC First, a dedicated phone that comes pre-loaded with Facebook Home. Sounds a lot like a Facebook phone to me. It will run on AT&T exclusively and is only $99.99.

You’ll be able to download Facebook Home right in the Google Play store and have the option to try it out or make the switch completely.

Check out Facebook Home and let us know what you think:

Images via Facebook