T-Mobile Uncarrier event

After quarters and quarters of losing customers, T-Mobile may be showing signs of a turnaround.

T-Mobile’s customer base increased by 579,000 to 34 million customers during the first quarter, the company announced today. While that increase came with a loss of 200,000 contract customers, the loss is still a significant drop from the 515,000 contract customers the company lost the previous quarter.

All of which, you’d assume, is very encouraging for T-Mobile.

“These results display positive momentum and the first positive branded growth in four years. We have made material progress in stabilizing our branded business in Q1, which provides a solid foundation to build on with the new Un-carrier customer offers we launched last week across America,” CEO John Legere said in a statement.

The problem, however, is that only 3,ooo of those new customers came from T-Mobile’s branded services, which throws a bit of cold water on the company’s announcements. Still, compared to a loss of 349,000 during the previous quarter, the addition of 3,000 new customers ain’t too bad.

We’ll get the full picture of T-Mobile’s earnings on May 8.

Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat