netflix account thief

If you decide to steal someone’s smart TV or smartphone, you’d think disconnecting all the accounts on it would be a smart first thing to do. Well, an alleged thief in Raleigh, N.C. wasn’t that bright and let a Netflix account lead police to his doorstep.

A Raleigh detective had already been investigating a string of car break-ins and many items that had been taken from those vehicles. But the case really heated up when a man whose smart TV had been stolen on Jan. 22 notified the police after his connected Netflix account was used by another person. Many smart TVs let you login to services like Netflix or Hulu Plus to easily watch content from the web.

The police showed up to the house of the man who unwittingly used the Netflix account. That person said he had purchased the stolen TV from someone else, and started naming people associated with the purchase. This led the police to eventually arrest 36-year-old Tchannen Hall, search his house, and charge him with three drug offenses and for stealing goods.

Hall’s house contained several TVs, eight GPS units, 34 watches, 17 power tools, and other items from assorted robberies.

Who knew a Netflix account could be so dangerous?

Via the Raleigh News & Observer

Illustration by Tom Cheredar/VentureBeat