The "earthrise" photo inspired a generation of green activists

So, it’s date night and you don’t know what to do with your main squeeze. Why not take him or her or them to the moon via a web browser?

Using public domain media from NASA, some enterprising folks have constructed an cool site about the Apollo 11 lunar landing, allowing you to experience the event from a unique POV perspective.

Original audio feeds, which you’ll hear play back in real time, have also been converted to text feeds. You’ll also get choppy but real-time video of the landing, and you’ll even get all the Star Trek: The Original Series-era bleeps and bloops. You can pause the whole show with a single click.

It’s great stuff for space enthusiasts. Check it out:

(Side note: Having this audio feed playing in the background at work will make you look, like, way more important to your colleagues. “Radar, flight looks good. Okay, we got data back!”)

Image credit: NASA