Number 10

Safety first, y’all!

GitHub Pages, those slick landing pages the code-hosting company lets you create for your latest and greatest projects, are moving to a new top-level domain. They will now live at

“Why?!” you shriek in mock horror, realizing this isn’t that big a deal but still wanting to create a stir among your friends over brunch.

The short answer is “security.”

The long answer, from the GitHub blog, is, “This is a security measure aimed at removing potential vectors for cross domain attacks targeting the main session as well as vectors for phishing attacks relying on the presence of the ‘’ domain to build a false sense of trust in malicious websites. … From this point on, any website hosted under the domain may be assumed to be an official GitHub product or service.”

If your GitHub Page has a custom URL, you can go back to your brunch; you have nothing to worry about and no steps to take to ensure the survival of your Page to the seventh generation.

If you do not have a custom URL, you still don’t really have anything to worry about, as GitHub will be taking care of automatic redirects from to for the foreseeable future.

Also not changed: The Pages IP address.

You may not resume your regularly scheduled brunching. Or whatever it is you’re doing right now. (For us, it’s Cinnabon-flavored coffee in a toasty warm bed with a small but lovable dog. Getting out of bed on the weekend is for suckers.)