Hey devs! If you’ve got decent coding skills and a desire to give back to the community, we’ve found an interactive flowchart that’ll show you some of the ways you can contribute your time to Mozilla projects.

Called What Can I Do For Mozilla, the site lets you choose from a few web languages — JavaScript, C, Java, PHP, and Python, to name a few — then directs you to the Mozilla projects needing contributors with those skills.

Most languages have multiple related projects for would-be contributors to consider, and each end option links to the project page.

Check ‘er out:

Basically, we all know that open-source software is a good thing, and we all know that good people give back to the communities from which they themselves take inspiration and tools. This site just makes it really easy to start following through on those values.

The site was created by University of Waterloo computer science student Josh Matthews. Matthews himself has contributed to a fair number of open-source projects, from Greasemonkey scripts and C IDEs to Firefox mods and JRuby.

Image credit: Shutterstock