revenge of the nerds

Ok, so the other way of putting this is that all the writers around here take turns working weekend shifts, and this weekend is my turn.

Some of y’all might not know this, but I’m a nerd. I look like a normal-ish girl from the outside, but I watch TNG, play RPGs, write Java, and would rather be locked in my house for a week than spend more than 30 minutes at a cocktail party. So today, since I have the whole blog to m’self, I’m declaring an official Nerd Day on VentureBeat.


So, here are the rules:

1) We will post a bunch of nerdy stuff today.

I’m going to put up a bunch of posts for developers (or, minimally, people interested in developer stuff). Some will be written by really cool companies and my friends/acquaintances in the industry, so you’ll get a variety of viewpoints on some fairly controversial topics.

You’ll also get brief updates on any developer-related news that breaks — if a developer company launches something cool or gets funding, you’ll read about it here. Got anything like that going on today? Email us at

2) We will not post non-nerdy stuff today.

I will write about the news of the day, but only if it’s actually nerdy or has a nerdy angle or flavor to it.

Will I write about the some FOSS neckbeard forking Node because he’s got a grudge against Joyent? Definitely! Will I write about comic book character costuming? Maybe!

Will I write about your photo-sharing app launch? No way! We’re leaving that dreck for whoever’s got the Sunday shift.

I hope you enjoy Nerd Day on VentureBeat. If you do not enjoy it, please send us an email with the subject line: “I hate nerds, so it makes no sense that I spend so much time on the Internet.”