Iron Man, Marvel Now

ComiXology and Marvel are once again offering digital comic book fans access to the “700 free issues” promotion, Comixology announced today.

The promotion was initially so popular that it crashed the ComiXology platform over South By Southwest (in early March), with comic fans downloading tons of free issues via tablets and smartphones. All the comics in the promotion were No. 1 issues from Marvel, which gives you a taste of a new series in hopes that you’ll eventually purchase future issues.

However, not to be burned twice, ComiXology’s process for obtaining those free comics is different. For now, you’ll have to sign up to gain access to the promotion via ComiXology’s website. Once you’re on the list, you can log onto the site starting April 11 to enable the free comics, which will remain free for the following 48 hours. I’ve pasted the email response from the company below:Marvel-comixology

“On Thursday, April 11th, we will begin sending out invites with your personalized link to access over 700 FREE Marvel #1 issues, so be on the lookout for your email! To ensure that each customer has a good experience getting his or her books, we will be sending your invite in the order you signed up. Don’t fret if you don’t see your email on Thursday, your email will arrive! Please add to your address book so things don’t get caught in your junk mail. Once you receive your Marvel #1 invite, you will have 48 hours to choose your FREE Marvel #1 issues! Only you can access this page by using your comiXology tched username and password, and only during your 48 hour period.”

My guess is that everyone who wants access to the free comics will eventually get it. The new process for the 700 free issues is likely being done to stagger the initial interest and keep ComiXology’s platform from being knocked offline again. Also, I’d also assume that anything you download within that 48-hour window will eventually be available across all devices (iPad, iPhone, and various Android devices).

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