Get social on Earth Day

Have you ever thought about installing solar panels? Or how your commute affects the environment and how you can lessen your impact?

This Earth Day, experts at the U.S. Department of Energy can answer your questions.

On April 22, the Energy Department is hosting a Google+ Hangout and is inviting the green-conscious community to participate and learn more about ways to save energy, learn more about efficiency, and share their own success stories.

The live discussion will answer questions from videos and emails submitted by April 16 and also answer questions in real-time from Twitter and Google+ using the hashtag #askEnergy.

You can submit questions via YouTube with the #askEnergy tag emailed to or posted in the comments on the Energy Department’s Facebook page. A 30-second video length is suggested, to make it quick and easy for the Energy Department’s social team to answer inquiries.

Spend this Earth Day learning how you can save time and money. The discussion will be live-streamed by Google+YouTube, and

The Earth Day Hangout is another way the Energy Department is engaging with users online. The Energy Saver website already provides tips and advice for saving energy and cash, complete with ways of making your own energy.

More detailed information will be posted on the website as the Hangout gets closer.

Image credit: Shutterstock