After raisingĀ $100 million last year, top-level domain registration startup Donuts has secured a second round of funding, the company announced today.

Donuts is focused on becoming a new registry for generic top-level domains (gTLDs), or the domain extensions that will go beyond simply .com, .net, .org, and others. Regulators have previously capped the total number of gTLDs at 22 total extensions, but that is about to change thanks to a decision by ICANN last year. Donuts, however, won’t be the place consumers go to buy their domains, rather it’s the place that wishes to sell domains under a particular extension, like .bearclaw, .name, .bbq, etc.

The startup did not disclose the amount raised in its second round, but it did say the equity investment is twice the valuation of the initial $100 million round and doubled the company’s available capital. Donuts CEO Paul Stahura also confirmed that the company has access to additional capital should the need arise. The series B round itself was led by Generation Partners, with participation from previous investors.

Donuts, which has already applied for 307 new gTLDs, plans to use the additional money from the new round to secure even more domain extensions.