Streaming radio service Pandora has crossed the 200-million-registered-user mark, a major milestone for the company coming just a month after CEO Joe Kennedy resigned.

Pandora’s impressive reach stems from the service being available since summer 2005 and since that time, it has brought Pandora apps to nearly every mobile platform and many in-car dashboards. The latest big platform added to Pandora’s stable was Windows Phone 8. Interestingly enough, any person that uses Pandora on the Windows Phone 8 app doesn’t have to hear advertisements through the end of 2013.

The streaming radio service hit 100 million registered users back in July 2011, meaning that it doubled its user base in a little less than two years. The company announced it had hit 150 million registered users in May 2012.

“We started this company to help people discover and enjoy music they love, and to help artists reach and grow their audiences,” Pandora founder Tim Westergren said in a statement. “Only in our wildest dreams did we imagine what it would become. It is now clear that radio is changing, and that’s great news for music fans and for the tens of thousands of working artists who now have a home on the air.”

Check out the infographic below for more on Pandora’s various milestones:


Man listening to music via Shutterstock
Infographic via Pandora