The first thing you’ll notice about the latest version of Google Play is how bright it is.

You may have already forgotten, but the previous version of Play was dark — too dark, and also somewhat ugly and cluttered. With the latest version of Play, Google is brightening things up to make a more attractive, visual experience.

Google Play on Nexus 7

Above: Google Play has come a long way.

Alongside the hue change, Play has a new focus on images. Movie covers are larger (as you can see in the shot above), but they still look pretty good on the small screens of smartphones and the larger ones of devices like the Nexus S.

The Play redesign, which rolls out starting today, comes a few months after Apple redesigned the App Store in iOS 6. Like Apple, Google knows that the first step to tearing people from their money is making the shopping experience as pleasant as possible — which is why design is so important.

App stores are the new store fronts.