Here’s our first look inside (and outside) San Francisco’s 44-year-old science museum, The Exploratorium.

The museum recently got some major upgrades, with a change of location and a new focus on programming for adults. It’s three times bigger, features indoor and outdoor exhibits, and now has 25 percent more exhibits overall.

The new facility, which I toured in a press-only preview session this week, is situated along the city’s famed Embarcadero at Piers 15 and 17. Inside and out, the space is filled with objects in motion and opportunities to touch, play, interact, and explore.

“We try to create experiences where people can gain the confidence to achieve understanding by themselves,” said George Cogan, Exploratorium board director, at the event. “People of all ages, we nurture people’s understanding. … We’re an R&D center for experiential learning.”

The museum will officially open to the public April 17, 2013. Wednesday and Thursday nights, the Exploratorium will be open until 10 p.m. for adult-friendly programming, films, and cocktails. I’ll have more pics coming this weekend, so keep an eye out for our next post on The Exploratorium!