Basemark X benchmark

Rightware is introducing a benchmarking tool, Basemark X, that will be able to tell consumers which smartphone or tablet is really the most powerful at running demanding apps such as games.

The new tool, which has been submitted as an app to the Apple iTunes App Store, is a professional performance evaluation tool built with Unity 4, a real-world gaming engine. That means it tests how real apps perform on different smartphone platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 devices. That means that, for the first time, consumers will be able to understand which new phone can run games and other apps the fastest. It will be particularly useful for gamers who want to identify the fastest hardware in the fast-changing mobile environment.

The tool is a new business for Espoo, Finland-based Rightware, which licenses a fast-moving, graphics-intensive user-interface for web and mobile devices. Rightware generates licensing revenue from that software, dubbed Kanzi. Tero Sarkkinen, chief executive of Rightware, showed me the app running on an Android smartphone last week at our Mobile Summit event. The app ran various graphics routines and came up with a score for the smartphone at the end.

Sarkkinen was formerly CEO of Futuremark, which became the leading benchmark software provider in the PC gaming market. The goal is to give objective performance information for the devices that can run the highest-quality content.

Basemark X can measure how well a device can run advanced game-like content, including particle effects, advanced lighting effects and post processing. The benchmark comes with an integrated online results comparison service, dubbed Power Board, which already has a whole database of detailed performance data for over 1,000 devices. Power Board shows a user’s actual performance as compared to other devices.

“When it comes to gaming, creating and delivering optimal user experiences on any device is critical to the global adoption of the game,” said Sarkkinen in a statement. “Basemark X brings the collective knowledge and experience of the Rightware Benchmark Development Program and our long history of delivering the most popular benchmarking tools. Now anyone can measure, score and compare gaming performance of any platform and device. Combined with Power Board we are enabling the consumers to make informed buying decisions when choosing their next smartphone or tablet.”

The Basemark X is pending review with Apple, and is available for free for consumers on Google Play. A Windows Phone 8 version will be available in the future. The company will also have a professional version available for paid licensing.