Harebrained Schemes

Kickstarter and classic role-playing games go together like gin and tonic. Many of the old-style RPGs that go up on the crowdfunding platform typically pull in enough to meet their goal. Finally, one of the successfully funded titles has a release date.

In April, developer Harebrained Schemes launched a Kickstarter to fund the development of Shadowrun Returns, a 2D RPG update of the classic cyberpunk fantasy series for PC. The company set a $400,000 goal and ended up bringing in over $1.8 million.

Today, the studio revealed the title is due out in June. Fans that didn’t secure a copy through the crowdfunding campaign can now preorder it through Harebrain Schemes’ website. The studio is offering a $15 basic edition with just the game, a $30 Deluxe version with the soundtrack, and $75 Collector’s Edition with extra in-game content.

Harebrained is also working on fulfilling its backer rewards. If you’re a backer, you should receive an email telling you how to ensure you get everything due to you. More details are available on the studio’s website.