Kim DotcomKim Dotcom is leading the Time100 poll, which attempts to track the top leaders, artists, and innovators in the world. Being Kim Dotcom, he’s not one to be silent about it:

He’s currently second on the list, with 82,336 positive votes, and first in terms of approval rating, with only 6,326 downvotes. First place for positive votes is Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi (no, I didn’t recognize the name either), but he also has 192,037 downvotes.

To say the list has been hijacked a little by the technorati and social media is to say that water is wet: North Korean dictator and nuclear warmonger Kim Jong Un currently sits in ninth place, and Beyoncé is 11th. South Korean pop star Psy sits in 13th, and Ben Affleck — Ben Affleck — is a few spots further back.

In other words, this is a gong show, and Time probably knows it.

But it’s all good for Dotcom, who has tweeted about the poll multiple times in the past day to his 293,278 Twitter followers. Dotcom, whose MegaUpload file sharing service was shut down by the FBI, and whose New Zealand house was searched illegally, is busy opening a new file-sharing service called Mega.

Naturally, any publicity for Dotcom is publicity for his new venture.