Ubisoft finished Rayman Legends for Wii U earlier this year, but the publisher delayed it so it could release it simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September.

But the French developer isn’t just sitting around smoking and drinking until the new release date even if Legends is complete. Ubisoft is using this extra time to perfect the existing title. It’s also adding a lot of new content.

“Trust me,” Ubisoft senior game manager Michael Micholic told the U.K. Official Nintendo Magazine. “The things we are adding aren’t minor. We’re not talking about some polish here and there, but 30 new levels and several new bosses.”

Rayman creator Michel Ancel also spoke to the magazine about the negative fan reaction to the publisher’s decision to push back the Wii U release.

“I wasn’t shocked [by the reaction], but it was really hard for us,” said Ancel. “Of course, there are more important issues and problems in the world, but we worked really hard to make something. It was difficult for us and the fans.”

Following Ubisoft announcing the delay, fans joined with Ancel and other Rayman developers to publicly protest the decision. Over 11,000 fans signed a petition asking the publisher to release the Wii U version on its original scheduled date of Feb. 26.