Ubisoft Far Cry

Look, kids, the ’80s were a magical age. It was a time filled with cartoons, toys, and Ronald Reagan — and it looks like Ubisoft has found a way to bottle all of that into a really mesmerizing spinoff for Far Cry 3.

The publisher plans to release the title, called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, on Xbox Live Arcade,  PlayStation Network, and PC as a product independent from the original Far Cry 3 on May 1.

Blood Dragon is a G.I. Joe cartoon-style world filled with cyborgs and VHS technology. It’s a window into what the creators of the 1980s thought children of that time believed the future would be like — so basically lasers, neon, and robo-arms.

We’ll have a full preview going up at 9 a.m. Pacific time. While you wait, have a peek at the stupid, stupid game in action — and I mean that in the best way possible: