mat honan hack infographic

Sometimes we all need a quick refresher on where to start when it comes to protecting our identities online, lest we get burned.

We’ve all heard of Mat Honan, the Wired reporter who had his digital life destroyed by hackers last year. F-Secure, a Finnish security company, created an infographic about his experience and provide tips on how to avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Of course, the focus here is all on the password — that lock that seems so easily picked. Since before Honan’s story got huge recognition, the security industry has called the password the “Achilles’ Heel” of security. In lieu of a better solution, F-Secure’s emphasize that two-factor authentication is the best way to put more obstacles in the way of your cyber assailants.

The second piece of advice may come as a surprise: lying. We’re all taught not to lie, but lying on your security questions may actually help keep the walls of your accounts standing. The answers to most of the traditional security questions — What’s your dog’s name? What’s your mom’s maiden name? What’s your paternal grandmother’s name? — can easily be found on social media profiles.

Which leads to an interesting last point: You need to get a little narcissistic. How? By Googling yourself and really going deep into those search results. Opt-out of personal listings websites like Spokeo and the White Pages. See what other types of website might have your profile pictures from social sites, or taken your Tumblr or blog posts without permission. You never really know where people are accessing little bits and pieces about you until you try to access that same information.

Check out the infographic below for a quick refresh on how to start protecting yourself:

F-Secure Mat Honan Infographic

Hacked image via Shutterstock