Grand Theft Auto

The best part of any Grand Theft Auto game is the radio. Driving around while flipping through the stations builds an amazing amount of atmosphere for Liberty City or San Andreas.

If you’ve ever wished you could quickly cue up the songs that blast from those radio stations on your computer or in your car, you’re in luck. Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games just put all the stations from each GTA game (since GTA III) on music-streaming service Spotify.

The link to Rockstar’s Spotify profile isn’t working right now, but you can still get to it by clicking here to open Grand Theft Auto IV’s “Electro-Choc” playlist. Then click on the “Rockstargames” name to open its entire library in the Spotify application.

From that menu you can subscribe to any playlist that you wish. Keep in mind that you’ll have to download Spotify, which is free, if you want to stream on your PC. If you want to stream the music on a mobile device, however, that costs a monthly fee.

Sadly, only the music is on Spotify. That means you won’t hear any of the great DJ chatter featured in the games. Still, this should help in your pursuit to feel more like Tony Versetti … just don’t start running over pedestrians on the sidewalk.