ForSight Vision5, a mysterious eye technology startup from the incubator ForSight Labs, has raised $8 million in new funding, according to a new SEC filing.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based ForSight Labs has spun off several startups, all of which aim to make life better for the vision-impaired. It was originally launched by Morgenthaler Ventures, Split Rock Partners, and Versant Ventures.

The company’s latest project is ForSight Vision5, which carries this description on its website: “ForSight Vision5 is evaluating a variety of technologies to address important unmet patient needs in key ophthalmic markets.”

ForSight Vision5 has no significant other presence online besides that description and a handful of job listings. That said, most of the startups coming out of ForSight Labs focus on the creation of eye drugs and delivery methods, so it’s fair to assume Vision5 will also be working on these types of products.

Before today, ForSight Vision5 had raised $8 million and $6 million rounds of funding, according to SEC documents. ForSight has never announced these funding rounds officially in press releases.

Prior to Vision5, ForSight Labs launched ForSight Vision4 with $6 million of funding on hand back in 2009.

Technological eye image via Shutterstock