Recent scientific breakthroughs by NASA and SpaceX have increased the public’s thirst for knowledge about the stars and the science of space. Rocket launches and landings get a lot of coverage, but what about some of the everyday activities happening in space?

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, a prominent social media poster on Facebook and Twitter with great photography and music, recently recorded a video explaining how astronauts sleep in space. The video shows the sleep pod inside the International Space Station that Hadfield rests in and a sleeping bag within the pod that is tied to the wall. Hadfield also has special full-length “space pajamas.”

“You might think it’s uncomfortable not having a mattress and a pillow, but without gravity, of course, you don’t need anything to hold you up,” Hadfield says in the video. “You can just completely relax.”

Check out the video above.

Video via Canadian Space Agency/YouTube