It’s no secret that Facebook’s privacy settings aren’t easy to navigate. While Facebook hasn’t indicated much willingness to change this drastically, the social networking titan is at least unveiling a new campaign to help teens be safe on its service.

Facebook has teamed up with the National Association of Attorneys General to educate teens (and their parents) about online safety. Attorneys general in 19 states will start airing “state-specific public service announcements” beginning on Tuesday. These will include tip sheets and videos.

Campaign assets will be distributed via the Facebook Safety page and the pages of attorneys general participating around the country.

“There are more and more parents now who understand Facebook and how it works and how their children are using it, but don’t necessarily understand the privacy settings and how they work,” Doug Gansler, the president of the National Association of Attorneys General and Maryland’s AG, told ABC News.

Gansler also said he understands that some teengage usage on Facebook is dropping but privacy issues on Facebook still need to be addressed to protect young people using it.

“Five years ago it was MySpace. The attorneys general got involved with MySpace and we addressed the sexual predator issues on the site,” Gansler said. “While there is some movement [away from Facebook] into other places, and we are aware of that, we are going to make sure we are involved in those as well. We will move along with the trends towards the next thing in a regulatory capacity.”

Facebook bootcamp sign via Jolie O’Dell/VentureBeat