Respawn modern military shooter

No one can keep a first-person fighter down … they’ll just keep spawning somewhere else.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio founded by former leads of the Infinity Ward Call of Duty team, filed a trademark on April 11 for “Titan,” according to VG24/7. It’s likely that Titan has something to do with the developer’s upcoming debut title.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has Respawn Entertainment filing for Titan for use in “video and computer game programs, video game discs, [and] video game software.”

I’ve reached out to Respawn to determine exactly what “Titan” is and will update with the studio’s comments.

In March 2010, Activision fired Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella for “breaches of contract and insubordination.” The two developers, who oversaw the Call of Duty franchise at its zenith, quickly formed a new studio called Respawn. Publisher Electronic Arts seized the opportunity to fund the coveted duo. West and Zampella eventually convinced over 40 other Infinity Ward staffers to join them at Respawn.

Since then, Respawn hasn’t revealed much about what it is working on. It did post a blurry picture of its anticipated title, but most expect an actual reveal at the coming Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming trade show in Los Angeles the week of June 10. If it does make an appearance at that annual event, EA would show it off at its own press conference and possibly at Sony’s or (more likely) Microsoft’s.

Respawn Entertainment screenshot

With around three years of development, it’s about time the studio starts revealing concrete details about its first game. Unconfirmed rumors claim it is a sci-fi shooter designed to take on Halo, but anything is possible.

In March, Jason West revealed that he was retiring from games to deal with personal issues. Reports claim he hasn’t been actively working at Respawn since May.