Papaya Mobile

The global free-to-play mobile-game market is maturing alongside China’s economy, and PapayaMobile is helping developers capitalize on the nation’s mammoth audience with its AppFlood platform.

Today, PapayaMobile is announcing that its AppFlood software-development kit for mobile games can directly charge a Chinese customer’s phone bill. This will help lubricate the monetization process, since gamers no longer need to input credit card information.

Papaya already partnered with developer Cobra Mobile to launch its World War II shooter iBomber for Android in China.

While iOS and Android trade off the marketshare lead in the States, a Chinese customer is much more likely to have an Android device. Papaya wants to help foreign developers penetrate that market and become a part of its app network.

The AppFlood SDK enabled Cobra to start monetizing immediately with in-app purchases, but it also provides an exchange with other studios who want to buy and sell ads in popular mobile releases.

“Papaya’s in-depth knowledge and experience of the Chinese mobile market makes it the perfect partner for Cobra Mobile as we expand into China,” Cobra Mobile chief executive officer Mark Ettle said in a statement. “With Papaya’s help, plus the added ease of use provided by direct carrier billing, we are confident that we can emulate the iOS success of the iBomber franchise in China on Android.”

Players have already downloaded iBomber on iOS over 10 million times around the world.

Photo: Official promotional image provided by Papaya