Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

New rumors (read: totally unsubstantiated fuel for gadget blogs) are swirling today about the mythical Microsoft smartwatch: The Verge is saying Microsoft has been developing the technology for a year already, that it’s a project born out of the Xbox/Kinect team, and that it may even have a five-pin magnetic power-and-data connector à la Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

Or it might charge wirelessly on a charging pad. Or it might be an Xbox controller. Or it might have a single spiraled horn and magical properties if you roll greater than your current life and power combined on a d20. Who knows? It’s still in the prototype phase!

While we don’t discount the idea that Microsoft, like any good company in the hardware game, is eyeing non-phone, non-tablet styles of mobile hardware, we are absolutely sure that a good many ideas are being prototyped that consumers will never see. We’re sure someone, somewhere at Microsoft is still kicking around a visor/glasses-like computing device, too.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for some kind of official word on the smartwatch and will update y’all when or if we hear back. In the meantime, if you still hunger and thirst for more wild rumors on tiny computers, check out this whole collection of iWatch stories, including rumors about Apple, Google, Samsung, and more. Hooray!

Image credit: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat