Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS

The insanely difficult Donkey Kong Country Returns seems like a tough game to play on a portable device. It is especially a bad idea around the elderly and children because you’re certain to start cussing and kicking things.

During a Nintendo Direct streaming-video show today, company president Satoru Iwata revealed how the publisher is making Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (due out May 24) easier for the handheld audience.

“The Wii version was made with the understanding that people would settle in for long sessions,” he said. “On the portable system, people play for shorter sessions, so we adjusted the difficulty.”

They’ve adjusted the number of times players can suffer hits. Between both Kongs, you can now take a total of five attacks from opponents. That’s up from four in the original Wii game. But the 3DS version also has bumper-bowling style items that save you when you jump into a pit or crash into something in your mine cart.

If you feel like that is some how insulting to your gaming skills, don’t worry:┬áNintendo is also including the original (insanely difficult) mode in the 3DS release.

The developers also added eight new levels for players that clear the main game.

“This will add plenty of fun even for those who beat the Wii version,” said Iwata.

It also has a cooperative mode for local wireless — but no online play.