Pocket, the service formerly known as Read It Later, is rolling out a completely overhauled version today that completely overhauls how you share things across all its various platforms.

The service, whose users save over 35,000 items on Pocket per month from more than 12,000 publications, is shifting away from being just a tool for you to archive articles and other various web content for later consumption. The new version puts a premium on how you’re sharing content you’ve saved on Pocket. You can now share items with friends and family from within Pocket (meaning it doesn’t push you to an outside social network). Anyone you’re sharing with that’s already registered on Pocket will now be notified from an inbox within the app, assuming they’ve connected whatever account or email address with their Pocket account.

The company also said there are plenty of users that broadcast everything they save across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, but twice as many links are still being shared via email. So, email sharing is also getting an overhaul and will now give you the option of adding comments or quotes from the article itself. That said, the company has taken care to improve the email experience but still tries to keep everything streamlined so you only have to look in one spot. This is true of content that’s shared with you from other Pocket users, too. Pocket also added push notifications for its Android and iOS apps, which is a nice addition.

Pocket has also made it easier to share with your friends by redesigning its share menu, which now highlights the most recently used services (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Evernote, and so on) or recent friends/contacts that you’ve shared something with.

The new version of the service should be available today across all its platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, OS X, and its Web app.