twilio japan

Great news for Japanese developers: Twilio has been working with Japanese telecom giant KDDI, and today, the two entities are co-releasing a new API just for communications in Japan.

Twilio for KWC* gives developers the full Twilio bag of tricks, now with full integration with Japanese carriers and telecoms. And yes, all the documentation has been translated into Japanese, too.

*KWC is a wholly owned subsidiary of KDDI focusing on cloud technologies. Up until today, KWC had offered developers a product called boundio, a communications API that the company shut down yesterday to make room for the new Twilio partnership.

Twilio started offering multi-language support last summer; Japanese language support was part of that launch. Japan was also a major part of the company’s internationalization plans announced late last fall.

Twilio was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco. To date, the startup has taken around $33.5 million in venture capital over three institutional rounds.

Image credit: Twilio