shutterstock_94009201Kaazing sounds more like a word used by magicians than a web communications platform, but the startup has managed to make $15 million appear, as if out of thin air.

Kaazing enables the “living web,” which it describes as the “dynamic, interactive online world populated by applications that are always on, always connected, and always real time.” With the proliferation of mobile devices and the rise of Bring-Your-Own-Device culture, enterprise organizations have a growing need to build and adapt applications that work effectively across multiple channels.

“Today’s web is a living web, an organism whose evolution and growth is fueled by the deluge of immediate, ever-changing, ever-expanding data we’re constantly feeding into it,” the company said in a white paper. “Ironically, it’s this transformation that poses one of the biggest challenges to the web’s progress. The underlying architecture simply can’t keep up with a living web that’s becoming faster, more instantaneous, more collaborative, and more mobile. The WebSocket protocol was created to tackle the shortcomings of the legacy web and let the living web reach its potential.”

Kaazing’s technology updates existing web architecture to be more dynamic, scaleable, and reliable, it claims. Its WebSocket Gateway provides a persistent network connection that turns a request-and-response communication into a two-way connection. The platform provides immediate data delivery with low latency, lowers costs for hardware, application server oft ware, and network bandwidth usage as well as for development costs and time-to-market, and all this enables desktop-class applications to run in browsers and mobile devices.

To fuel the company’s growth, Kaazing raised $15 million from New Enerprise Associaes and Columbus Technology Partners as well as existing investors. It brings the company’s total capital raised to $39 million. Kaazing was founded in 2007 and is based in Mountain View, Calif.

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