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One of the biggest names in word games is back with an updated take on a classic franchise.

PopCap released Bookworm Heroes for iOS devices today. The developer, a subsidiary of publisher Electronic Arts, worked to add social features and fighting game-style mechanics. Heroes has players spelling out words from a grid of letters while attempting to defeat opponents. Enemies are either computer A.I. or other players.

The title is free to play. You can beef up abilities with in-game purchases.

“We’re ecstatic to introduce the next chapter of Bookworm to iOS users in a new adaptation that brings multiplayer and social gameplay to what’s previously been a solitary player experience,” Bookworm franchise director Scott Willoughby said in a statement. “Bookworm Heroes adds a new level of fun and challenge among friends, plus a ton of extras that we believe make this the best Bookworm iteration yet.”

The original Bookworm had players going for high scores by selecting from a much bigger grid of letters. PopCap is trying to amp up Heroes’ social features by focusing on the competitive mechanics.