Call to Arms DLC Map Pack

You need more maps on which to kill enemies. Epic knows this. Epic understands this. Epic has what you need.

The developer revealed today that its next Gears of War: Judgment expansion, the Call to Arms map pack, is due out April 23 on Xbox Live for Season Pass holders. Everyone else can pick it up for 1,000 Microsoft Points (about $12.50) on April 30.

Call to Arms features the new Masters at Arms mode, which has players cycling through weapons trying to get at least one kill with all 20 of them. Each successful kill brings up the next weapon until at least one player has killed with each one.

The map pack also has three new multiplayer levels: Halvo Bay’s train terminals, an abandoned hospital, and a mass grave site.

Call to Arms adds 10 new achievements for 250 extra gamerscore points.

Check out a gallery of the new maps below.